Lucy C – Black Belt

What is your biggest achievement so far?
“I think my biggest achievement would be getting a silver medal in patterns and a bronze in sparring at the GTI tournament”

How has tkd helped you in everyday situations?
“For me Tae Kwon Do has helped with my confidence in talking to new people and taking on new activities as well as things such as exams where I need to memorise things and be able to work well under pressure as this is also important in gradings”

3 words to describe the club
“Friendly, fun and encouraging”

What do you remember about your first TKD lesson?
“I remember being really nervous beforehand but when we got there everyone was really welcoming and it didn’t really matter if you didn’t know what you were doing because Mr McGinley, Mr Bradley and the other black belts would help you out”

Lucy C Black Belt Certificate Excalibur Martial Arts Bridgnorth Taekwondo
Lucy C is presented with her Taekwondo Junior Black Belt 1st Dan Certificate by Excalibur Martial Arts in Bridgnorth