Josh L – Excalibur Black Belt

How old were you when you started training in TKD? 

9 years old

What do you remember about your first TKD lesson?

Felt very nervous but everyone was welcoming, friendly and encouraging.

What is your favourite element of training/TKD?


What is your favourite move/kick/strike/block/pressure point (and why)?

Side Kick, because it is powerful, effective and quick.

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

Gaining my Junior Black Belt (1st Dan).

What’s the next step in your training?

Learning more patterns. Training for achieving Black Belt (2nd Dan).

Which martial artist is your inspiration?

My whole taekwondo family inspire me.

Which pattern did  you most enjoy learning?

Choong Moo.

If you could choose to be a ‘person’ from any pattern you’ve learned, who would it be and why?

Dan Gun because he is legendary.

Pick between one and three words to describe our club, Excalibur Martial Arts

Friendly / Helpful / Inspiring.

How has TKD (or something you’ve learned from TKD) helped you in everyday situations?

Taekwondo has made me more self-confident, agile and fitter.

Do you have a favourite photo of you involved in TKD? 

Taekwondo Bridgnorth Excalibur Martial Arts Testimonial Josh L
Josh is presented with his Black Belt Certificate