Josh L – Excalibur Black Belt

How old were you when you started training in TKD? 

9 years old

What do you remember about your first TKD lesson?

Felt very nervous but everyone was welcoming, friendly and encouraging.

What is your favourite element of training/TKD?


What is your favourite move/kick/strike/block/pressure point (and why)?

Side Kick, because it is powerful, effective and quick.

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

Gaining my Junior Black Belt (1st Dan).

What’s the next step in your training?

Learning more patterns. Training for achieving Black Belt (2nd Dan).

Which martial artist is your inspiration?

My whole taekwondo family inspire me.

Which pattern did  you most enjoy learning?

Choong Moo.

If you could choose to be a ‘person’ from any pattern you’ve learned, who would it be and why?

Dan Gun because he is legendary.

Pick between one and three words to describe our club, Excalibur Martial Arts

Friendly / Helpful / Inspiring.

How has TKD (or something you’ve learned from TKD) helped you in everyday situations?

Taekwondo has made me more self-confident, agile and fitter.

Do you have a favourite photo of you involved in TKD? 

Taekwondo Bridgnorth Excalibur Martial Arts Testimonial Josh L
Josh is presented with his Black Belt Certificate

Harriet C – Black Belt

How old were you when you started TKD and why did you start?
“I was about 8 years old and started so that I could gain more confidence as I was having issues with girls at school”

What is you favourite element of TKD?
“I enjoy the warm ups because they are a fun way of getting fitter and I also like self defence as it’s practical and I think that it would help you the most in real life situations”

What is the next step in your training?
“As I have reached the major achievement of black belt my next aim is to improve on my sparring so that one day I can beat my sister”

If you could choose to be a person  from you patterns who would it be and why?
“I would choose patriot Ahn Chang-Ho from the pattern Do San as I respect how he devoted his entire life to furthering the education of Korea”

Harriet Black Belt Excalibur Martial Arts Bridgnorth Taekwondo
Harriet C is presented with her Taekwondo Junior Black Belt 1st Dan Certificate at Excalibur Martial Arts in Bridgnorth

Lucy C – Black Belt

What is your biggest achievement so far?
“I think my biggest achievement would be getting a silver medal in patterns and a bronze in sparring at the GTI tournament”

How has tkd helped you in everyday situations?
“For me Tae Kwon Do has helped with my confidence in talking to new people and taking on new activities as well as things such as exams where I need to memorise things and be able to work well under pressure as this is also important in gradings”

3 words to describe the club
“Friendly, fun and encouraging”

What do you remember about your first TKD lesson?
“I remember being really nervous beforehand but when we got there everyone was really welcoming and it didn’t really matter if you didn’t know what you were doing because Mr McGinley, Mr Bradley and the other black belts would help you out”

Lucy C Black Belt Certificate Excalibur Martial Arts Bridgnorth Taekwondo
Lucy C is presented with her Taekwondo Junior Black Belt 1st Dan Certificate by Excalibur Martial Arts in Bridgnorth

Equipped Our Child With Many Life Skills

Our child started Tae Kwon Do with Excalibur some years ago at the age of five when we realised he had difficulties with physical coordination and awareness of his movements.  We hoped that Excalibur would help this and have not been disappointed.  It offered this and so much more.  The kind, patient and very friendly instructors have equipped our child with many life skills, increased confidence, physical fitness, a positive productive attitude and safety awareness to name but a few!  We thought that we were signing up for a sports skill, but now have a child so much better equipped to face a challenging life as a young person in the world today – not least because he realises that sport and fitness can be exciting, challenging and fun!  Thank you, Excalibur!

Mr and Mrs P

Very Useful Skills

Excalibur has shown my son that hard work and perseverance pays off.  He is able to apply what he has learned in lessons to real life.  I feel it is a very useful skill to have.

Mrs H

Work And Fun

Seamus is great with the kids, it definitely shows that he’s a teacher as he keeps them working, but having a lot of fun too.  A great balance between play and learning.

Mr A

Challenging And Inspiring To Achieve Their Best

Excalibur has challenged my children and inspired them to achieve their best.  The physical challenges push their stamina, strength, flexibility, balance and clarity of movement.  There are other challenges presented which help them improve social skills, consideration of others, respect and self control.  I have also been impressed with the extra work dealing with strategies to cope with bullying, stranger danger and keeping away from troublesome situations.  All in all, an activity which offers much, much more than many other sports.

Mrs C

High Standard of Teaching

Seamus has always provided a high standard of teaching during lessons but also a lot of support to students and families to assist them to reach their potential.  He provides constructive, well balanced feedback that allows students to feel positive about themselves and enable them to progress.  He instills confidence in students in a friendly approachable way.  Both Seamus and Cathy always go out of their way to make everyone feel included, also arranging social events to remind students of the need to relax and enjoy life.

Mrs D

Confidence Building

I have noticed a change in the confidence, coordination and communications skills of my lad since he joined Excalibur.  He is much more confident in dealing with situations and looks forward to every session he goes to.

Mr L

Fun, Interesting and Informative Lessons

Mr McGinley is brilliant with the children.  He makes the lessons fun, interesting, informative and has the respect of all the children.  He is particularly patient with my older son who has coordination problems and difficulties mixing with other children.  We would have no hesitation in recommending Excalibur.

Mrs L

Self Control, Teamwork and Confidence Building

Excalibur has taught my son self control, team work and has promoted confidence in his abilities as a young man.  Sessions also promote good health and respect for others.  Excalibur also provides out of session social events enabling students to relax and have positive interaction with each other, encouraging good social skills.  My son enjoys attending sessions and this is assisting him to develop into a well adjusted, rounded individual who has now achieved Black Belt status.

Mr D

Family Involvement

Our whole family are involved with Excalibur, it is something which we have enjoyed as a family and it has brought us together and introduced us to many good friends.  Excalibur has helped our two boys develop into lovely young men, giving them confidence and self control.  They enjoy learning and teaching their skills and also enjoy the social events.

Mrs B

Friendships Are Made Here

My daughter really enjoys the classes, she is enthusiastic and confident since starting.  My son who is not a confident child has just started a month’s trial.  I’m sure this will improve both his confidence and coordination.  Friendships are made here.

Mrs C