White Belt To Black Belt

Excalibur Bridgnorth martial arts taekwondo grading shropshire club
Some of the Excalibur Martial Arts taekwondo students who made the grade again with a 100% pass rate at the GTI Colour Belt Grading under Master Cockburn, 7th Dan at the June 2017 grading.
Excalibur Martial Arts Bridgnorth Taekwondo Grading Clubs Shropshire
Excalibur students are awarded their grading certificates by Instructor Mr McGinley, 5th Dan following the GTI grading.












Excalibur Martial Arts follows the ITF syllabus for colour belts and black belts, allowing students of all levels of ability to progress and mature at their own rate.  Regular assessments are available as you progress through a modular syllabus, taught by experienced and qualified Instructors.

We offer you the chance to make a real change in your life:

> Feel more confident
> Lose Weight
> Make Friends
> Learn to defend yourself
> Develop co-ordination

From the beginner to the experienced Martial Artist, we make sure you are looked after through:

> Professional tuition
> Innovative lessons
> Practical applications
> Externally graded examinations
> Access to national and international competitions
> Specialist seminars

Colour belt gradings take place locally four times a year, under the scrutiny of an external GTI Senior Examiner to ensure unbiased assessment and in order to maintain the high standards of the GTI throughout the country.

Black Belt Gradings take place in Derby at Master Tony Sewell’s Academy, twice a year, and are overseen by a panel of experienced Senior Examiners who determine whether you have reached the level worthy of a Black Belt or higher Dan Grade.

Alongside traditional lessons incorporating patterns, drills, sparring, self defence, breaking/power test and theory, practical applications are practised and explained in safe and controlled environment to enable you to adapt to real life scenarios which may occur.

The Black Belt is not the end, but a beginning.  Excalibur Black Belts are students who have excelled in personal development, training, fitness and self confidence.  Their dedication to their goal and training is reflected in their attitude and achievements.  They also understand that the honour of being awarded a Black Belt First Dan is the beginning of another journey, as there are nine Dan Grades in all!

Professional tuition in a friendly atmosphere and supported by some of the best practitioners in the business.  Train with the best at Excalibur!